Calling all you camping Kings and Queens


Insert crew and let the mayhem ensue


Loved waking up to this peaceful view every morning while we were camping. Who knew tents could be so beautiful!


Greatest and most gorgeous festival tent ever! Thanks guys x


It's so light!! Having used a canvas bell tent, I find this one so much easier to transport and store.


Thank you for making my camping experience at Pitch Festival an unforgettable one! Coming back to a tent filled with colour and life really is the icing on the doof cake!! Can't rate them highly enough!! 


Spacious, colourful and incredibly easy to set up! Best damn tent I've ever festivaled in!


I never thought hanging out in a tent could be so fun! The beautiful pattern and pastel colours create the most magical atmosphere inside the tent. They are big and spacious and easily fit two double mattresses and all our stuff! I highly recommend - these tents will transform your camping experience!! Thanks Cosmic romance


Had the best time with these tents at inner varnika. Getting ready in them was a breeze - lots of space to store everything from costumes to eskies. At night, we were able to fit the entire crew in the tent for lots of good times! Would recommend


Aside from being super easy on the eyes we were pleased at how roomie they were and setting up and packing down was a cinch! Love these tents


Super snazzy and epic quality/waterproofing to boot!