About Us


The Cosmic Romance story began in 2015 at a camping festival in Australia's dusty outback. While slowly meandering from dance floor to campsite, creator Jo Westman cast her eyes across the sea of bland and dreary tents that stood before her. Having left behind a wonderland of rainbows, sparkles and lights, she couldn’t help but wonder why she was now faced with a dull expanse of khaki, green and navy. In a place where everything around you is beaming with life, why should the fun stop at the campsite? Here, the seed was planted…

At first her focus was purely aesthetics. But as she set on this path of designing tents that reflect the magic of the festival world, she realised the opportunity that stood before her – to create tents that people actually enjoy being in!

Step inside our beautiful bells and immerse yourself in a pool of colour. With shades of turquoise, pink and violet, each of our designs release an aura that is at the same time peaceful and electric!

Our tents are for those who enjoy their creature comforts. You’re at a four day camping festival, you’re lucky if you manage to shower once, and between dancing your heart out and skipping from market to art installation, you’re tired. Returning to camp to find your tents crumbling in the wind, and crawling into a cramped stuffy cave, kind of makes you want to cry. You deserve better!

At Cosmic Romance, we believe a day of dancing and spreading cheer should be rewarded! Your reward? A colourful, spacious and sturdy haven; a home away from home. Our bell tents are big, beautiful, and they’re about as low maintenance as you can get! These mini-mansions create a space that will ignite your festival fire when you’re prepping for the day and provide a peaceful retreat when your weary legs can dance no more. With just two poles and a bunch of pegs, they are a dream to setup, and an ease to pack down.

Perfect for weekend trips with friends and family too, our tents bring new meaning to the word glamping.

Enter the world of Cosmic Romance. Camping never looked so good.



Jo Westman at Rainbow Serpent 2017 inside the Cutting Shapes bell tent.