Caring For Your Tent

A little lovin goes a long way! Read below for tips on how to best care for your tent so you can keep enjoying it for longer.  


  • Before setting up your tent, always ensure the ground where you plan to erect it is clear of debris that may damage the tent. This includes sticks and rocks, as well as nearby branches that may scratch or puncture the walls. One way to reduce the impact of the ground on your tent floor is to lay a tarp underneath your tent which will provide added protection against scratches and tears.
  • Wearing shoes inside your tent is not recommended as shoes can cause friction against the tarp floor which can lead to abrasions. As well, you want to eliminate bringing dirt, pebbles and other matter inside the tent.  
  • If one of the zippers gets stuck, please be gentle with it! You can usually fix this by wiggling the zip back in the opposite direction. Refrain from tugging at the tent to tear it open.
  • Give your tent pegs a wipe down before packing away to clean off mud/dirt otherwise they will become rusty over time. 
  • Ensure when it's time to pack up that you fold the tent correctly rather than "stuffing" the tent into the bag as this places stress on the fabric and seams. It is recommended that you fold the tent slightly differently each time so you don't create stressed fold lines in the material which could later lead to fraying.



Click here to view a step by step guide on how to fold your tent when packing it away. Please note this is one example of how to fold it, you can vary your technique based on this guideline.



If you unpack your tent and you notice a musty smell, there may have been some moisture in your tent when it was last packed up and now mould is growing. The sooner you deal with this the better as mould can stain the fabric. The best way to get rid of mould is to set up the tent on a sunny day and give it a thorough wipe down with warm water using a non-detergent soap. We recommend using Nikwax Tech Wash. It's important you don't use detergent on your tent as this may break down the waterproofing agent. Always spot test any product that you use on your tent to make sure it doesn't strip the colour. Once the tent has been wiped down, leave it up in the sun for a few hours or until completely dry, before packing down. 

If you find there's still a musty smell, you can use Mirazyme to eliminate the odour (again, remember to patch test first).

Don't ever put your tent in the washing machine, this will destroy it!



All Cosmic Romance tents are treated with a waterproofing agent before they reach our customers. Over time though, this agent can deteriorate due to exposure from the sun and from general use. When this happens, you can reapply a waterproof spray to your tent to extend its life. There are many brands that you can use to waterproof your tent at home, just ensure you test patch your chosen product somewhere inconspicuous first. We recommend using Atsko Silicone Waterguard. Please follow the directions for application as described by your chosen waterproofer. Cosmic Romance will not be held liable for any damage caused during such treatments.